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Allows for accessing UE4 game files.
Link: https://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel#files


Allows for basic reverse engineering of the game.
Link: https://fmodel.app

Addition Information:

  • If crashing occures, navigate to %appdata%/Roaming and delete the FModel folder. Then, copy the primary game .pak into a different folder. Relaunch FModel and point it towards the copied .pak file.

Universal Unreal Unlocker

Unlocks the console in UE4 games.
Link: https://framedsc.com/GeneralGuides/universal_ue4_consoleunlocker.htm

Blender PSK Plugin

Gives option to import .psk, psa, pskx files into Blender.
Link: https://github.com/Befzz/blender3d_import_psk_psa


Allows for easy PAKing and UNPAKing of files without needing to install UE4 or creating batch files.
Link: QuantumPAK


  • Extract the zip.
  • Download UnrealPakTool from here.
  • Extract the contents of UnrealPakTool, and move all of the contents within the UnrealPakTool folder to ...\UnrealPaker\Engine\Binaries\Win64.
  • Run QuantumPAK.exe.


Allows editing raw .uasset files. Use responsibly.
Link: https://github.com/atenfyr/UAssetGUI

QuickCook + QuickMap

Automates Cooking, Copying, Paking and opening the game to a specific level within a UE4 widget.
Guide: Quick Cook Usage Guide
Link: QuickCookV3.zip
QuickMap: pakchunk99-QuickLoadV3.zip Nexus Mods mod.io

FMOD Audio

FMOD Bank Tools

Allows unpacking and repacking of FMOD banks.
Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/rugbyleaguelive3/mods/2?tab=docs

Limited to single FSB banks

Use version is known to result in an infinite progress bar when trying to repack.

FSB Files Extractor (fsbext)

Allows raw unpacking and repacking of FMOD fsb files.
Link: https://aluigi.altervista.org/papers.htm#fsbext

Bat scripts: fsbextbats.zip

Includes makeFSB.bat and extractFSB.bat

To use bat, place fsbext.zip contents with bat files in /fsbext for example


QuickBMS script to export and inject multiple fsb files from FMOD banks.
Link: bmsbank.zip

Includes bank.bms, quickbms.exe, extractBank.bat, injectBank.bat
Original script


Free multi track audi editing software.

Latest: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows/
2.4.2: https://archive.org/download/audacity-2.4.2/audacity-win-2.4.2.exe

2.4.2 has no telemetry

Other Tools

Quantum Mod Manager v3.9

A simple mod manager made for Ready or Not. Quickly enable and disable mods, and create and save profiles.
Link: Quantum Mod Manager


  • Run QuantumModManager.exe.
  • Select the Paks folder located within your Ready or Not install location if the folder selection window pops up.
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