Unofficial Modding Guide

The Basics

The basics of modding for Ready or Not. Covers extracting game files, the game's file structure, file formats, cooking files, and creating .pak files.


Tools useful for creating mods.


Batch Files

Various options for batch files to extract games files or to create a .pak file.

Quick Cook Setup

How to utilize quick cook to speed up game testing iterations.

Map Modding

An in-depth guide on how to create maps with custom game modes and add audio, doors, AI, and game assets.

UAsset Modding

A general guide on how to edit UAsset files by changing values and adding data.

UAsset Automation

An in depth guide on how to automatically edit and parse data from a UAsset file. Useful for quickly updating mods when a new Ready or Not update comes out.

Texture Modding

Sound Modding

A guide on how to replace various sound files within the game.