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Q: How do I install/uninstall mods?
Navigate to your Ready or Not install directory and go to …/ReadyOrNot/Content/Paks/… and drag in any .pak mods which you wish to install. If you want to uninstall, simply delete the mods from that directory.

Q: Can I still play online with mods?
Yes, although you’ll need to disable Server Side Checksum in settings in order to join or host modded lobbies.

Q: Can other people see my mods?
Most are not visible to other players unless they also have the mod installed.

Q: Will I get banned for using mods?
No, unless you cheat via other means. Mods are supported by the developers.

Q: Where can I find mods?
NexusMods is the recommended place to find mods. Any other website may not be safe and can harm the creators of the mod.

Q: Should I start modding?
Depends on your willingness to learn. Modding can be difficult to get into, but isn’t too hard either. The SDK is coming on or post game release, which will be when mods are officially supported. Along with the SDK will come ease of modding, which we do not currently have.

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