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Sound Modding

Voiceover Modding

Voice over modding is incredibly easy.
Simply navigate to …/Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/VO/… and replace any lines you wish to replace.

FMOD Modding with FMOD Bank Tool

FMOD Bank Tool will only work on the first FSB in a bank. See below for compatible single FSB banks;

CmndMenu, Data Center, Dealer Level, Farm Level, Fast Food, Gas Level, Hotel Civ Lines, Importer Level, Killhouse Level, Lobby Level, MainMenu, Meth Apartments, Meth Level, Police Station Level, Port Level, PVP Lines, Ridgeline, RUS, School Level, SWAT Lines, Training Level

  1. Extract an FMOD Bank with FMOD Bank Tool from .../Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/FMOD/Desktop/….
  2. Edit or replace any sounds you wish. Make sure the file you are replacing with is the same format as the original file.
  3. Using FMOD Bank Tools, repack all the files and replace the FMOD Bank within the game files.

FMOD Modding with Bank Injection and FSB tools

Use this method for banks with multiple .fsb and .wav files. See below for notable multi-FSB banks;

Agency, Club, Global Amb, Hospital, Hotel Level, Interactions, Master, Penthouse, Shield, SWAT, Tools, UI, Valley Level, Weapons

Bank and FSB Extraction

  1. Setup a directory to extract and repack from with no file permission issues.
    I’m working from C:/Files/ronFMOD/
    Put your FMOD tool folders here (bmsbank and fsbext) for ease of use.
    Also create a /banks or individual project folder.
  2. Copy .bank file/s from the game’s install location to your /banks folder

    .bank are located in .../Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/FMOD/Desktop/

  3. Open the /bmsbank tool folder in another window, then drag a bank from /banks onto /bmsbank/extractBank.bat

    Usually two .fsb files should now be in /banks/out/<BANKNAME>/
    00000000.fsb and 00000001.fsb for example

  4. Navigate to /banks/out/<BANKNAME>/
    Open the /fsbext folder in another window,
    Drag the .fsb containing desired audio onto /fsbext/extractFSB.bat

    For weapon SFX it is 00000001.fsb
    A .dat file will be created for rebuilding the fsb later.
    Extracted audio files should be in /banks/out/<BANKNAME>/<FSBNAME>/ and .wav, not .ogg file format.

Windows will optimize the folder to music, reducing navigation speed and sorting. You can change the properties on this folder or all sub directories of /ronFMOD to General.

Audio Editing

  • Use a program such as Audacity to open, edit and export your .wav files
  • Audio length needs to match the source
  • Project Rate is usually 48000Hz
  • Encoding needs to match the source which for RoN .wav, I think, is Signed 16-bit PCM. Check file sizes are identical to confirm.
  • Video of mostly relevant Audacity editing

FSB Rebuild and Bank Injection

  1. Navigate to /banks/out/<BANKNAME>/
    With the /fsbext folder open in another window, drag <FSBNAME>.dat onto /fsbext/makeFSB.bat

    For weapon SFX it is 00000001.dat

  2. Navigate to /banks/out/<BANKNAME>/new/
    Copy your new fsb to /banks/in/<BANKNAME>/

    Confirm the size is identical to the original just outside of /new

  3. Navigate to /banks/
    With the /bmsbank folder open in another window, drag your .bank onto /bmsbank/injectBank.bat to inject your modified .fsb into the file.
  4. Backup the original .bank from .../Ready Or Not/ReadyOrNot/Content/FMOD/Desktop/

    Change the file extension of your backup to something else like .bankoriginal for example to keep it in the same folder.

  5. Copy your injected .bank file from /banks to your games .../FMOD/Desktop/ folder.
    Confirm the filesize matches the original file.
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.